Private Sessions and Consults

Private, One-On-One EFT Sessions with Dr. Rossanna are available singlely or in packages of sessions and are list to the right.  Please email ( or call Dr. Rossanna for an initial consultation first; there is no charge for the consult.

Some people need help filling in the Template for the Personal Peace List.  If Dr. Rossanna's complementary 15 minute 'Chart Your Course' session isn't enough to satisfy your need for a more comprehensive list...or if you are having difficulty coming up with specific events, with memories from 'that far back', then read on.

Dr. Rossanna offers one-on-one Chart Your Course sessions. In those sessions, Dr. Rossanna will help you ferret out your 'Core Issues' and 'customize' tapping issues for you to focus on.

If you are one of those people who can sit down with my Template and in a short period of time fill out at least 10 items for each stage of your life so far, then you probably don't need my help with avoiding the # 1 Mistake.  That's great! Work through your list, and as you do you will probably have more memories surface to be added to the list.  That's how it works.

However, if you have gotten to that state where you are "emotionally constipated" and just don't know where to start, what memories are important, have blank spots in the timeline of your life...then you want to have a session with Dr. Rossanna to get you firmly started on your Personal Peace List.

p.s. Appointment spots are limited.  This is because Dr. Rossanna allocates a limited number of hours per day for private consults.