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If you had a way to improve your own health that was actually Fun...it would be Bitch Tap.

If you had a way to lessen the stress on your immune system that felt good...it would be Bitch Tap.

Forged in the trenches of working with serious illness and chronic pain, Dr. Rossanna's Bitch Tap Method™ is a Six-Week Experience that takes you in 40+ Days to fluency in this powerful technique.


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Dr. Rossanna's Bitch Tap Method™ - Six-Weeks of Intense Learning Laced with Humor and Fun.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to learn my fail-proof signature tapping methods to rapidly improve your health, stop your own pain and physical symptoms, relax, focus, regain your motivation and actually sleep better at night!

Module 1:  Welcome Aboard

Module 1: Preparing for Take Off.  Here you get grounded in the basics before you take off.  Knowing how to fasten your seatbelt and where the overhead oxygen is, just might come in handy.  

 2-3 hours of live interactive group coaching and 3 video lessons in the first module will quickly move you forward to your goal of Mission Accomplished!

Module 2: Taking Off!

Module 2: Check those seatbelts; possible turbulence ahead. From simple grumbling to the most intense complaining (aka: bitching!), you learn a formula-free, spontaneous method that reduces, down to the molecular level, the effects of past and present stress on your body.  That means better health. 

 More live coaching and video lessons to expand your skills.

Module 3: Arriving at Destination

Module 3: Flexing those lip muscles and putting your new knowledge to immediate use.

Putting your power to use is not only gratifying but immensely healing on many levels. You start now reducing your pains and symptoms using the power of Bitch Tap Method™ - erasing the effects of past regrets: coulda-shoulda-woulda moments.

 Dr. Rossanna takes you on an eye-opening journey into your own abilities to help yourself heal.

Module 4: Planning Your Travels

Module 4: Now it's time to go forth and use your new superpower to heal yourself.  Here you will be helped to focus on significant emotional events that may be affecting your health, and do so in an organized and systematic approach to healing yourself.

 Introducing my unique Storyboard template for your planning pleasure.

Six-Week Bitch Tap Method™ Course

A fun and lively Experience with Dr. Rossanna as you learn her signature, non-formulaic Bitch Tap Method (which means you don't have to memorize any "tapping phrases") and learn how to effectively apply it to your specific problems, and then some. Learn through short video lessons, simple assignments, and then a Live Group Coaching Call after each lesson to keep everyone mastering that step to Mission Accomplished!

Tuition for Bitch Tap Method™ Experience course


  • Two Video Lessons per week followed by coaching call the next day

  • Handouts and Assignments to prepare you for the Coaching Calls

  • Over 10 Group Coaching Calls - Live interaction with Dr. Rossanna valued at over $750.00

  • Unlimited Email or Texting Support during the course (priceless)

  • Private Facebook Group Membership for sharing and clarification

  • Bonus Half Hour Private Session with Dr. Rossanna on your specific health issue, with your personalized "next steps" list ($250.00 value)

  • 6 month No Interest Payment Plan Available 

  • 3 - Pay Plan Available

  • 10% Tuition Discount for every enrollee you refer 

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